Our Vision

What are Flunks?

"If you knew there was no tomorrow, how hard would you play today? Welcome to Flunks, where we bring back the best parts about being a student. This time, we're putting you in the driver's seat." Flunks is a PFP NFT project on the Flow blockchain. Flunks is the fastest sellout on Flow and we are building a strong community to bring utility to throughtout the first school year.
Our People

The Community

First things first, we are a community driven project. What does that mean? We listen to you. You will have governance over $100,000 annually as a Flunks holder and decide the future of Flunks high. Come hang out with the other Misfits in Discord! You'll fit right in to our welcoming community. Just remember to Find a Flunk that suits you! Vote for what you want, just like school!

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